About Our Lofts

This is my father John Tranter with his 80ft L shape loft.

He's a pigeon man with a winning pedigree for over 50 years!

That comes in handy when designing lofts.

Any size shape design or style we've got you covered.


This is the most modern loft on the market today.

It features Bi-folding doors and ETS open door trapping, and 4 openings on a 2 section corridor.

The whole front opens to provide maximum ventilation and easy accessibility.


These stunning lofts were built with every little detail in mind, making the most of every inch of space available, creating easy trapping, plenty of ventilation thus creating a light airy loft.


This 36x8 loft belongs to Geoff Clare of Australia, designed to withstand the extreme climate while still keeping the birds cool and comfortable, we dealt with shipping and customs while supplying the necessary paperwork, exporting isn't as costly as some may think, get in touch and we can talk you through the process.


Over the years our lofts have changed to adapt to this ever changing sport, changes in the worsening British weather, changes in the rules, however if you order a loft today typically this is what it will look like! Fresh dry and sturdy! The qualities you have come to expect from Tranter Lofts.


This lovely set up was built for Chris Kavanah that tragically had both of his lofts burnt to the ground killing most of his birds in the process destroying years of hard work! There isn't really a silver lining but at least he has 2 brand new sturdy lofts with fully automatic conveyor belt cleaning boxes and ETS trapping to take him into the future.


This was the first loft erected for Albert Woodroffe on behalf of Sunderland city council, in a job that eventually grew to be worth over £100,000 replacing huge set ups of allotment tenants.


This stunning loft was our giveaway prize in the Queens diamond jubilee race in 2012 won by Frank Bristow, incorporating ETS trapping and landing boards.


This fine set up belongs to Steve White, a repeat customer, to Tranter Lofts repeat business is everything! So expect the job done right first time!

30ft Tiled Loft

4 Section loft with 4 individual sliding windows

Loft finished in wild thyme and country cream

Tiled Loft 54 x 10 

54 x 10 tiled loft incorporating ETS traps and automatic cleaning boxes.

Finished in Sikkens dark oak and Sikkens walnut

Pigeon Loft 20 x 9 (Clarke)

20 x 9 pigeon loft to accommodate Mr Clarkes disability to allow him access to all areas of his loft, fitted with ETS traps and automatic cleaning boxes to make life that bit easier.

Finished in sadolin mahogany.

26 x 16 Tiled Loft (Flood)

Tiled Loft incorporating avieries to the back, ETS traps and 3 sections deep ideal for a long narrow garden this loft made in a conventional method with a front corridor would be 60ft long

Finished in sommerset green and country cream.

Tiled Pigeon Loft 52 x 10 

Loft incorporating sliding windows and ets traps

Made with a 4ft corridor

finished in sadolin mahogany

Tiled Roof Pigeon Loft 30 x 8 (Gomes)

Erected in Hertfordshire, 

Fitted with Hermes manual boxes, accomadating aviaries, and ETS traps,

Finished in wild thyme and country cream.

Pigeon Loft 28 x 8 (Honour)

28 x 8 pigeon loft with box aviaries and ETS traps.

Finished in Sikkens dark oak

24x8 Tiled Loft

4 Section loft with front sliding doors

Finished in Sadolin Mahogany

Timber Pent Roof Pigeon Loft 36 x 8 

36 x 8 Timber roof pigeon loft with box aviaries and stall traps.

Finished in wild thyme and country cream

2 - 15 x 9 Lofts

Made to suit a garden that steeply slopes away

Finished in wild thyme and country cream

20 x 8 Tiled Loft 

This loft was erected on behalf of Sunderland city council.

Loft is finished in Iris blue and country cream.

Fitted with standard young bird perches.

Pigeon Loft 22 x 8

Loft fitted with automatic cleaning boxes and ETS traps

Finished in Country cream and Sommerset green

L-Shaped Tiled Pigeon Loft 100 x 8 

100 x 8 L-shaped tiled pigeon loft erected in Skelmersdale near Liverpool.

Any size you may have in mind is not a problem, bigger or smaller.

Loft was finished in sadolin Jacobean walnut

Pigeon Loft 20 x 8 

20 x 8 pigeon loft with timber apex roof, ETS trap and sputnik traps.

Loft finished in sadolin mahogany and country cream

Tiled Pigeon Loft 60 x 8 

60 x 8 tiled pigeon loft. One of six lofts erected in Sunderland on behalf of Sunderland City Council.

Finished in Wild Thyme and Country Cream